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              JOHN T. POULSON

John T. Poulson performance at La Rue Marche Cafe




Background Information



Born                   May 5, 1958

                            Akron, Ohio


Genres               Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rythm & Blues,

                            Gospel, Blues & Rock


Instruments       Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums




Musical Beginning


Born in Akron, Ohio on May 5th, 1958, John T. Poulson acquired his first guitar at christmas 1968, at age 10.  Unaware of how to play or even tune the instrument, John would spend hours making up songs on one string.  A family friend with more guitar experience taught John a simplified version of the bass line to James Brown's; "Say it loud (I'm black and I'm proud)".  It was that lesson that gave John the knowledge on how to place fingers and how to attack the strings.  John now had a serious "music bug".


1970's - The School Years


By the age of 12 John was adept enough in his guitar playing skills to offer his services to an all black teenage country music group named; "Sylvia and Country Sugar".  John played guitar on some songs and bass on others, and even filled in on drums for time to time.  This young group played exclusively in country bars in the Akron area, such as; Pindyis and Thornton Street Bar and Grille.  Throughout junior high and high school John would spend countless hours and a record player learning the guitar riffs to all of the popular R&B songs of the day.  By 9th grade John would take up the tenor saxophone for one year in band.  During the next year John tried out for The Hobart Centennial's stage band as a guitarist and was accepted.  He also played the guitar as part of the schools ochestra for the yearly production called "Musicalle".  John played a solo in "Beethoven's Fifth" and received a standing ovation.  The high school years were filled with several gararge bands and actual performing bands, doing parties and showcases.


Las Vegas


Upon arriving in Las Vegas in 1978, John met up with Tony Capelli and the two became a duo called "Little Rusty".  There was a very popular rock venue on the U.N.L.V. campus called "Captain America's" and the duo of Little Rusty would play there two nights a week for two years.  More members were added to make it a full band but unfrotunately Little Rusty would dis-band.  The friendship of John and Tony would lead to recordings.  They did a full "rocked out version" of "Nights in White Satin" and others.  Recording turned out to be yet another deep craving for John.  In Vegas John would play in small bands and do private parties and preformances over the years but John really loved the recording studio atmosphere.  John embarked on several hundred recordings of self written songs.  John would also be a long time player in the Living Faith Assembly Praise Band and it's recording group called "In Perfect Harmony" that resulted in several recordings and performances.  John even performed three times at the world famous Hard Rock Hotel stage. 




John is embarking on a solo soul-jazz career.  He is working on finishing up some songs for an upcoming CD entitled; "Grace Street Angel".  He's been hard at work in his home studio and other studios putting together tracks to release a first single off of this album.


Look out for John T. Poulson . . .

The man is committed and his soul is intact.

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