... Just let me groove
... Just let me groove
Grace Street Music
Grace Street Music

Why Grace Street?

The name "Grace Street" has a strong personal meaning to me.  In my mind Grace Street should be the street where one could come to find blessings.  Grace Street would be where everyone gets along with no craziness . . . just peace!  I would even believe if there is a street leading to Heaven...it would be called Grace Street.  With all of this in mind Grace Street is my attempt to musically take you to a place of enjoyment.  Whether Jazzy, funky, smooth, bluesy, or whatever your groove happens to be...


you can hear it on "GRACE STREET".  


                                         Let's Groove!


If you like this sound this is your place!




If you like this sound this is your place!




If you like this sound this is your place!



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Grace Street Music

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Email: gruvmakerjp1@gmail.com

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just let me groove

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