... Just let me groove
... Just let me groove
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About Grace Street Music

My name is John T. Poulson and I have a story to tell . .


Grace Street is building to be my venue to release the music that I've had tucked away in my heart and soul for a long time now.  My musical goal is to put out songs that others can enjoy and grove to.  With elements of smooth jazz, soul and funk, I only wish to provide for others the song or songs that makes your day, pumps up the party or just lifts your spirits.  I believe that we are all given a little something to share.  I want to share music with my friends.


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You can find us here:

Grace Street Music

273 Grand Teton Drive
Henderson, NV 89074


(330) 801-3306


Email: gruvmakerjp1@gmail.com

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just let me groove

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